With over 10 years experience, tens of thousands of phishing sites disabled and the industry best site take down times, Fraudwatch has the experience to protect your brand from phishing attacks.

Phishing is evolving

Phishing is the act of impersonating an organisation through email and fake websites in an attempt to gain private information, including login credential and credit card details.

Phishing criminals are getting smarter, and their techniques are constantly evolving. Their enhanced efforts continue to generate results from phishing, with the criminals focusing their effort where they can get results.

Nowadays not only financial institutions face the threat of phishing attacks, other leading brands and online retailers are also vulnerable.

The costs of phishing

Phishing websites cost enterprises enormously. Without robust protection a well co-ordinated attack will leave the enterprise vulnerable to:

  • Large financial losses
  • Damaged reputation
  • Aggravated customers

Nowadays, customers expect to be protected from destructive phishing activities.

FraudWatch has taken down tens of
thousands of phishing sites.

Detect phishing before it occurs.

FraudWatch has developed many proprietary methods for phishing site detection: we do not simply rely on spam traps, but utilise in-house developed technology to assist in the identification of phishing sites. These methods enable FraudWatch to detect many phishing sites when first viewed, before the phishing emails are sent by the criminals.

End-to-end solution

Anti-Phishing is our core business. FraudWatch provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution to detect, mitigate and eliminate phishing incidents quickly. All incidents can be tracked from detection through to completion in our secure client portal, which provides incident information, forensics and one click reporting.

Fast Site Take Downs

Although every phishing site has unique variables that will affect the site take down time, FraudWatch will ensure the site is taken down in the quickest possible time. Our dedication to this service and early resolutions produce real cost benefits for our customers. Ask us about financially binding SLA's

Specialist Team

Our anti-phishing team is industry leading. Having taken down thousands upon thousands of phishing sites, our specialists have in-depth experience to detect and resolve phishing attacks quickly.

Rapid Response

Our established relationships with hosting companies and ISP's allow us to offer the industry's fastest take down service, minimising the impact on your brand's reputation.

Active monitoring

Our team and systems monitor for malware attacks 24/7, alerting you as soon as criminal activity is detected and confirmed.

Proprietary Tools

We have developed industry leading tools that allow us to detect, identify and disable phishing websites consistently and rapidly.

Forensics for Constant Innovation

On going forensic analysis of incidents keeps us constantly informed of the motivations, mechanisms and damage associated with phishing attacks. This analysis enables us to develop improved methods to better mitigate risks.

Comprehensive protection

Get the ultimate in brand protection by combining anti-phishing with our other brand protection services. This gives you peace of mind knowing that fraudulent activity is being actively managed and resolved on all fronts.
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